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Hi my name is Tallie Abernathy (aka Zumba Dance with Tallie) and I am a ZUMBA® Addict!  LOL!  Really though...below is my Bio, but I just LOVE to Dance and have Fun while doing it:)  Hope to SHake IT w/ you soon!!!


Tallie is an energetic fun-loving and passionate dance fitness instructor.  Her dedication to spreading positive energy through dance and service is exhibited in her everyday life, which is always inspiring those around her.

Tallie has always loved to dance for as long as she can remember and brought that passion worldwide when chosen to perform with the international cast of “Up With People”.  Over 25 years of creating and teaching choreography from solos to full casts of 150 has given her the versatility to adapt to ALL styles of dance for ALL kinds of students.

 Tallie discovered ZUMBA® Fitness over 5 years ago and quickly realized that she had found a place for her passion to dance and desire to serve the community.  ZUMBA® was the ticket she was looking for: whether it’s teaching a toddler how to waddle like a penguin, a middle schooler how to “dougie”, a mom how to Booty Battle, or a disabled senior citizen how to salsa from a wheelchair... Tallie will find a way to make it Fun, Fabulous and have you Smiling from ear to ear!

 You can find Tallie spreading the ZUMBA® Love teaching classes in the Merrimack Valley and donating her time to Special Charity Events in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and New York.

For more information, updates and class schedules please “like” her Facebook Page:

Zumba Dance with Tallie or checkout her website at tallieabernathy.zumba.com

Tallie Abernathy is a Licensed ZUMBA® Fitness (Level 1 & 2), ZUMBA® Gold, and ZumbAtomic (ZUMBA® for KIds).  She is also a member of the ZUMBA® Instructor Network (ZIN).



310 Berry Street
North Andover, MA 01845




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ZUMBA  Dance with Tallie